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Condom Sizes

Individual Sizes with MISTER SIZE - As Individual as You

Shoes, shirts and jackets are usually bought to fit perfectly, but have you ever thought about getting the right condom size? MISTER SIZE now puts a firm end to the one-size-fits-all and XXL model. Instead, you get an ultra-thin condom that fits like a glove. For sure, you will feel the difference and it is pure sex from now on.

The MISTER SIZE App: For Pioneers & Tech Enthusiasts

You like technical innovations and want to know your personal condom size right now? Then use our MISTER SIZE measuring app and measure directly with your cell phone or tablet.

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For Classic Characters: MISTER SIZE Measuring Tape

Of course, classical measuring is also possible. All you need to do is print out our MISTER SIZE measuring tape and get started without delay.

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The right condom size -
Why it pays to measure!

Why is the individual condom size so important? Is it really worth it? Find out the difference between standard and just right.

Suitable condom size

Condom Size Chart

The penis length does not play a role in the selection of the appropriate condom size, but only the width, because condoms can always be unrolled as needed in length. If the condom size fits, the protection against unwanted pregnancies is given even if the condom should be a little bit too short, but due to the perfect size it does not slip off and does not constrict.

For condoms, the condom size is always given as a nominal width in millimeters, e.g. 47mm, 60mm or 69mm. This nominal width results from the width of the condom lying flat. However, this measurement has little to do with reality, because your penis is round and not flat. To give you a recommendation for the right condom size, we have created a table for conversion.

Simply measure your erect penis at the thickest point, e.g. with a string or a measuring tape. You can then read off the appropriate size from the following size table for our condoms:

Condom size

For penis circumference

For penis diameter

Size 47

9,5 - 10 cm

3,02 - 3,18 cm

Size 49

10 - 10,5 cm

3,18 - 3,34 cm

Size 53

10,5 - 12 cm

3,34 - 3,82 cm

Size 57

12 - 13,5 cm

3,82 - 4,3 cm

Size 60

13,5 - 14,5 cm

4.3 - 4.62 cm

Size 64

14,5 - 15,5 cm

4.62 - 4.93 cm

Size 69

More than 15,5 cm

More than 4.93 cm

Let me guess...

Why spend time measuring when you can just try it out?
If you already have a rough idea of your size and would prefer to put MISTER SIZE to the test immediately, you can directly order one of our practical Test Packs. The sets consist of three packs in three different but adjacent sizes. You can then decide which condom fits you the best!
Little tip: If you come across MISTER SIZE in a shop, the middle dark blue bar will help you to estimate the right size...

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Show Your True Size – it's easy with the right condom

Why are there different condom sizes?

Every person is unique - this applies to both a person’s character and their body. That's why we usually try on clothes before we buy them. After all, we want everything to fit perfectly so we feel our best. It’s only really with condoms that the crazy assumption is “all penises are the same” — I think you will have certainly noticed yourself that this is absolutely not true.

So, at MISTER SIZE we told ourselves that we wanted to do full justice to the man's diversity. Seven different condom sizes are offered, one of which will fit you perfectly. You will instantly notice the difference in feeling, plus a perfectly fitting condom is a much safer condom!

What sizes are there anyway?

For the most part, condoms are only available in standard sizes with a circumference normally between 52 mm and 54 mm. There are also XXL condoms, which usually have a circumference of 55 mm to 57 mm. As you can clearly see, the range is very narrow. Therefore, if you don't fit into this range, you will experience problems with condoms that are either a bit loose or too tight which annoyingly pinch and nip. Therefore, it's no wonder that many men prefer to give condoms a miss; which of course is not so smart either.

To prevent you from experiencing these issues, MISTER SIZE offers a selection of seven different sizes, from 47 mm to 69 mm in circumference. This finally makes it easy to find a condom that eliminates all the annoying side effects and allows you to concentrate on the most beautiful thing in the world.

Where does the condom size appear on the package?

Your personal condom size is clearly visible as a colored number from 47 to 69 on the front of the packaging. So you can always see at first glance whether you are buying the right size for you. Otherwise, there is also on the back of each condom packaging a short mandatory text in which the condom size is indicated as a standard width or nominal width. The condom size 60 corresponds here, for example, a standard width of 60mm, with the other sizes it is analogous.

Find out your own condom size

If you don't know your own condom size yet, there are three easy ways to find out:

PDF Condom Sizes Measuring Tape

MISTER SIZE Measuring tape

Simply print out, measure and find out your condom size

Condom Sizer

Condom Size

Get the practical Condom Sizer

Mister Size 3 Packaging


Using the dark bar on the packaging and estimate your condom size

Start right away and you'll soon be able to enjoy great sex with condoms.

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