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Using expired condoms: 23 surprising life hacks

If you're wondering if you can still use expired condoms, you've come to the right place. Here you'll learn why it's not a good idea to use old condoms for sex and how you can reuse them instead.

We're sure you'll be surprised at what you can use condoms for.

Can expired condoms be used for sex?

Expired condoms are basically still usable and non-toxic, no matter if they've been expired for 1, 2, 3, 4 months or even longer. But you still shouldn't use them for sex because the latex becomes porous over time.

This means that the older the condom, the greater the risk that the condom will tear during sex. Therefore, it is better to buy new condoms in time in the right condom size and store to prevent condom mishaps to prevent condom mishaps.

How can you reuse old condoms instead?

Luckily, there are many different ways to reuse your expired condoms. Find the 23 best life hacks and ideas below.

1. pack smartphones, cameras and other things waterproof in a condom.

You got caught in a heavy rain unexpectedly? Or want to take cool underwater pictures? Or are invited to a water fight? Then you can easily protect your electrical devices, bags and passports with an expired condom.

Simply unwrap the condom, wipe off the lubricant if necessary, put the object in the condom and tie it together. A smartphone remains so even still operable.

2. protect wounds and plasters from water with old condoms

Dirty water or moisture can easily lead to infection if open wounds come into contact with it. You can quickly make a temporary waterproof dressing with an expired condom.

Unwrap the condom, cut off the tip, and then pull it over the affected area of the body.

CAUTION: Take the condom off as soon as possible because the condom may impede blood flow depending on the body part and condom size.

3. condom wrist rest for the office or at home

You work a lot at the computer and your wrist hurts? Then you can quickly reuse your old condoms as a wrist rest.

Simply fill the condom with water or sand, tie it in a knot and place it under your wrist.

4. expired condoms as a stress ball for relaxation

You have a lot of stress because customers, colleagues, family, friends or acquaintances like to get on your nerves? Then make a stress ball with your expired condoms.

Open the condom, fill it with sand or a similar material and tie it shut. You can even paint your new stress ball if you want.

5. shoe polish to make your shoes shine with the rubbers.

Your leather shoes or sandals are dull and desperately need some shine before the next event? Then quickly unpack the condom and rub the shoes. The lubricating gel provides a natural and lasting shine.

6. use old condoms as a rubber band.

A plastic bag needs to be sealed or a few things need to be held together and you don't have any rubber bands at home? No problem. Just take out an old condom, remove the lube if necessary, and then cut it into small strips.

The condom rubber bands you can then use as normal rubber bands.

7. open stuck screw caps with expired condoms

Got a jar or other container with a screw cap that you just can't get open? With an expired condom, it's sure to work.

Unwrap the condom, wipe off the lubricant if necessary and then place the condom on the lid. The extra resistance is guaranteed to get the container open.

8. reusable condom cooling pads and cooling accumulators

You can also make wonderful reusable cooling pads and cold packs out of your expired condoms. You can use these to cool injuries or on-the-go food.

Just fill the condom with cold water, tie it in a knot and put it in the freezer for a few minutes or hours, depending on how cold and tight you want it.

9. expired condoms as a waterproof sock or glove.

Don't feel like getting your feet wet or need to reach into a liquid you'd rather not touch without a glove? Then break out the condoms! You can just pull them over your feet or your hand.

CAUTION: Make sure you don't slip because of the lube and only leave the condom over your feet or hands for as short a time as possible. Depending on the condom size, the condom may interfere with blood flow.

10. reuse expired condoms as bags and freezer bag substitute

Leftover food or other things need to be transported or put away and you don't have a bag or freezer bag handy? Then you can simply reuse one of your expired condoms. Just fill the condom, tie it in a knot and stow it away.

11. use old condoms as an emergency drinking bottle on the road

Getting into an emergency situation or desperately need a way to carry drinking water for other reasons? Then your old condoms are the perfect partners. Just fill them with water and tie them in a knot. For extra protection, you can still put the condom in a thick sock for extra cushioning.

12. Build a fire with your expired condoms.

You're in an emergency situation and you need to make a fire? This life hack, will help you do that while the sun is shining. Fill the condom with plenty of water from a nearby body of water, or plenty of snow that you need to melt, and tie it shut.

Then lay straw, dry grass, or other tinder and pull the filled condom over it apart at the sides. This should give you a fairly flat area at the top and a bulge at the bottom. When the sun comes through the lens, it will focus and make your tinder burn.

13. use old condoms for cooking

You can also use your old condoms for cooking. Admittedly, a rather strange idea, but doable. If you speak Japanese, there's even a condom cookbook you can buy.

14. reuse expired condoms as party decorations and balloons.

Without fun decorations and balloons, any party is automatically half the fun. If you don't want to spend extra money on them, you can make fun decorations with condoms.

Blow them up, paint them, fill them or use them in other ways. The only limit is your creativity.

15. use your old condoms as doorstops

Want to stop your doors from slamming because of drafts or prevent them from hitting walls? Then you can reuse your old condoms as doorstops. Simply fill the condom with sand or soil, tie it in a knot and place it in front of or behind the door.

If it ever doesn't hold properly, you can wash off the dust and it'll be like new again.

16. expired condoms as paperweights

Of course you could use a rock or expensive other paperweight, but a condom paperweight is much more fun and cheaper.

Wash off the condom's lube, fill it with sand, dirt, pebbles or other material, tie it shut and you're done.

17. Fun ice cubes with your expired condoms.

If you want to surprise your guests with something special, condom ice cubes are a fun and original idea. All you need are empty toilet paper rolls, expired condoms, water and a freezer.

  1. Place the rolls so that the opening is on the table or facing you.
  2. Then take out the condoms and unroll them a little further than the toilet paper rolls are high.
  3. Next, hang the condoms closed side down in the toilet paper rolls and stretch the condom over the roll.
  4. Now it should be fixed so that you can fill it with water.
  5. When you have filled the condoms with water, put them in the freezer for a few hours.
  6. When the ice cubes are completely hard, you can take them out of the roll, hold them under warm water for a second and then just pull the condom off.

You're done.

18. reuse old condoms for descaling

Water no longer runs properly from the faucet or shower head or splashes in all directions? Then it's time to descale. But if you don't feel like or don't have the possibility to disassemble the whole faucet, you can also descale it with condoms.

To do this, simply fill the condom with a little water, vinegar or citric acid and then pull the condom over the faucet. Now tighten it with a few rubber bands and let it soak in. The stronger your vinegar is, the more you should dilute it, so that your faucets do not discolor.

19. use expired condoms as a slingshot.

You can also easily make a handy slingshot out of your expired condoms. All you need is a condom, a paper cup and a knife or scissors.

First, unwrap the condom and pull it over the opening of the paper cup. Next, turn the cup upside down and cut the bottom with the knife or scissors. You are done.

You can now throw your projectiles through the opening into the condom, then hold the paper cup and the condom while you pull the condom with your other hand.

20. reuse expired condoms as hair ties

If you have long hair and no scrunchie on hand, you can reuse an old condom to make yourself a quick scrunchie. Unwrap the condom, unroll it completely and cut off the ring at the opening of the condom.

You'll have a scrunchie to do your hair with.

21. use old rubbers as a lid replacement.

There are 2 variations for this condom lifehack. The 1st variation is that you take the condom and just pull it over the opening of the container to prevent anything from getting into the container.

For the 2nd variation, you inflate the condom, then put it on the opening, press hard on the condom with your 2nd hand and let the air out at the same time. This will cause the condom to close around the opening of the container.

22. reuse condoms as anti-slip coating

This hack works almost like the 2nd variation of the previous trick. First, you unwrap the condom, unroll it and free it from the lube. Then you inflate it and press e.g. a glass on it, while you let the air out again. This causes the condom to tighten around the bottom of the glass and ensures that it can no longer slip.

23. build DIY condom gnome as old condoms.

You can make beautiful decorations for your home with this upcycling trick for old condoms. Here's what you'll need:

  • Condom
  • Craft and modeling clay
  • Funnel (can be made out of paper)
  • Clips and/or strings
  • Colors

Here's how to build your condom gnome:

  1. Unwrap the condom and unroll it
  2. Take your funnel and fill the condom with craft concrete
  3. Tie the condom and fix the knot with the clamp or a string above the condom to get an upward pointed shape.
  4. Let the concrete harden for at least 24 hours
  5. Remove the condom from the concrete
  6. Use the modeling clay to further sculpt the gnome. For example, make a nose, a puff for the hat, etc.
  7. Paint the gnome according to your taste

When the paint is dry, you can place the elf in your home or garden. Here you can find a video tutorial from Orion.

Conclusion - Reuse old, expired condoms

Condoms are incredibly versatile and you can have fun with them outside of the bedroom. When having sex, you shouldn't use expired condoms because they become porous and can quickly tear and burst.

So once they've expired, be sure to buy new condoms in the right size to prevent condom mishaps and then use the old rubbers elsewhere.

Did you know that 88% of all men use the wrong condom size? If you don't know yours yet, here's how to find your perfect condom size in 4 easy steps.

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