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Intimate piercing and safe sex with condoms - is it possible?

Learn what you need to consider to be able to safely contracept with intimate jewelry and always be protected in the best possible way.

Carefully consider the decision for a piercing

As always, think first and then act, so in this case, get the piercing. According to surveys, an intimate piercing increases self-esteem and sex life should be improved, by the way, intimate jewelry is a real eye-catcher for many. This is one of the reasons why many people find intimate jewelry so attractive and have their nipples, clitoris, labia, penis or scrotum embellished. A wide variety of materials are used, but mostly metallic plugs, rings or rods. With increased oral sex, it should also be noted that a piercing of the tongue or lip can also have an impact.

If you would like to have one of these intimate parts of your body embellished, then you should inform yourself in advance not only exactly about which piercing methods or variations are available, but also about the consequences and risks for you personally, as well as for your safe sexuality.

Increased risk of infection

Some pierchings, such as a scrotum piercing (Hafada), increase the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Through this type of piercing there is a new hole in the intimate area that can not be protected even with a condom. Therefore, caution is required here and the piercing may need to be taped off with a special plaster before sexual intercourse.

The right choice of intimate jewelry

Basically, it should be clear that condoms are sensitive to metal or sharp objects. So basically you should be very careful with intimate piercing, no condom will guarantee you protection here. So it is best if you remove your jewelry before sexual intercourse, this is of course especially true if your piercing has the following characteristics:

  • angular
  • pointed
  • sharp
  • rough

If the piercing is smooth and round, it may still go quite well, but there is still an increased risk of a torn condom. Here you have to weigh your personal risk.

Basically, the following applies: The choice of your intimate jewelry and your personal risk tolerance are decisive. Yes, sex with intimate piercing and condoms is possible, but there is no guarantee for full safety.

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