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Number 1 in the big condom comparison - MISTER SIZE rated "Very Good"

Good news for everyone who wants to benefit from perfectly fitting condoms: In the March 2023 condom comparison by, the online portal of one of the largest weekly magazines in Germany, our MISTER SIZE condoms took first place with a score of 1.2!

What makes MISTER SIZE so special?

With a total of 7 different fits, MISTER SIZE also serves marginal sizes that many other manufacturers do not have in their portfolio. This means that even men with a larger than average penis or a smaller than average penis will find a condom that fits them perfectly. The result: a pleasant wearing sensation, without slipping or constriction. In addition, our premium natural rubber latex compound is soft yet tear-resistant, making MISTER SIZE condoms ultra-thin yet strong.

MISTER SIZE condoms are produced in Malaysia by Karex, the largest condom manufacturer in the world. Thus, they are subject to the highest quality standards and are classified as certified medical devices according to the EU Directive 93/42 EEC.

We are pleased about the top rating of 1.2 (= Very Good) and are grateful for the trust and positive feedback of our clientele!

Mister Size
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