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Condom sizes in the drugstore - Mister Size is now available at Müller in Germany

The revolution on the condom shelf

Would anyone think of buying shoes that are too small or pants that are much too wide? Certainly not: the outfit has to fit. But of all things, a man's best item is often given the wrong clothing size. For the simple reason that condoms are usually only available in two different sizes in drugstores. But improperly fitting rubbers not only impair protection, they also spoil the fun.

While our size condoms have been available in pharmacies for some time, they are now making their way onto the shelves across the board for the first time from the end of March 2022: the drugstore chain Müller is taking a pioneering role here and is now stocking Mister Size in all 650 German stores.

So that man (or woman) really chooses the right condom from our 7 condom sizes, the dark blue strip on the packaging shows you the penis width. If you're still not quite sure, you can take one of the more than 30,000 free measuring tapes hanging on the condom shelves in Müller stores and measure yourself at home. Many customers already know the principle of the practical paper measuring tapes from a large Swedish furniture chain, and it now works similarly at Mister Size. Alternatively, new test sets from Mister Size are available in Müller stores with three different condom sizes that can be subjected to the practical test at home.

We are pleased that Mister Size has made it into the drugstore and is thus even easier to get in the area. Many couples are sure to have an "aha" moment. The proverbial "fits, fits, jiggles and has air" is a thing of the past with Mister Size.

Available in store and in the online shop

In addition to availability in 650 Müller stores in Germany, you can now also order Mister Size condoms in the Müller online store and have them delivered either to your store or three times to your home.

Mister Size
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