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The Mister Size team

In our family business, all employees are fully committed and enthusiastic to provide you with the best condom experience. Find out more about the people behind Mister Size with a look behind the scenes. Get to know our team.

If you have any questions, suggestions or even criticism, we are always happy to help. We take every feedback seriously in order to improve your experience with MISTER SIZE condoms every day. For this, please use the contact form.


Our vision to make suitable condoms available in more and more countries around the world and that together with our great team - that is my passion! My good mood is usually contagious. I love good ideas and even more to put them quickly into action with the team. As Managing Director, I provide an overview and vision as well as good teamwork.


Why do shoes come in the right size and not condoms? I asked myself the questions that no one else has asked. As the founder of the condom online store Vinico, as the one who co-invented the condom brand My.Size and made it famous in Germany, and as the inventor of Mister Size, I develop the perfectly fitting solutions for our customers in many countries around the world with creativity, an eye for design and over 20 years of experience in the condom business.


I love the contact and exchange with our customers. Developing ideas together and implementing them together gives me great pleasure every day. Getting to know customers and people from all over Europe and beyond and then looking after them and exchanging ideas at eye level is a matter close to my heart. I am a perfect fit for Mister Size because I find individual solutions with my customers to make Mister Size further successful. Creatively and with unbridled optimism, I always find new enthusiastic customers who continue to make Mister Size known as an excellent condom.


I have been working at Mister Size since the beginning and have been associated with the company since 2013. Working at Mister Size, like condoms, is such a good fit for me because I'm passionate about working on new projects and always looking for the right solution. I love the variety of different tasks at Mister Size, whether it's creating the website, organizing purchasing and international logistics, or even cross-functional support in marketing and sales.


I like to use my creativity in the most diverse areas of the company. I love the varied tasks and new challenges every day. Looking after our B2B and B2C customers and their positive feedback on our product is my greatest incentive.

Albert Einstein already knew...

Success comes when you do what you love.


Trainees only make coffee? Not in e-commerce at MISTER SIZE! Even as a trainee, I've been in the thick of things since day 1 and have grown with the ever-increasing tasks. Now that I've completed my training, my focus remains on our e-commerce area and marketing. Whether with blog posts, newsletters or customer service: I inform our B2C customers in the best possible way about MISTER SIZE, the right condom size or the latest trends in sex & love.

Not to forget

Not to be left unmentioned in our team are of course all the hardworking hands not mentioned here, who support us both internally and externally energetically and with full commitment to Mister Size. Whether our partners for marketing, taxes and most importantly our hardworking warehouse staff who bring our products to your home or to the numerous stores.

Your direct contact to us

Vinergy GmbH
Bahnhofstr. 19
78224 Singen, Germany

+49 (0) 7731 / 832 700-33

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